Contact Ascension

A novel by Greg Stroot (start reading here)


Contact Ascension is a science fiction homage to the Carl Sagan bestseller that takes up where it left off.  Aimed at mature thinking readers the story now evolves into an adventure that takes the reader from the pinnacles of science to the raw Australian outback. Contact Ascension will tap into aficionados of both sci fi and general fiction genres, with a tantalising touch of romance.

Using enigmas of science-fact as suspenseful scaffolding to the fiction, it is a journey through science that resolves the mysteries left by the original book and movie. The story then covers the popular topic of alien contact to evoke further questions on consciousness, humanity, spirituality and human evolution.

Contact Ascension combines the concepts developed by Carl Sagan’s ‘Contact’ and Fred Hoyle’s ‘A For Andromeda’ with contemporary ideas softened from Greg Egan’s works such as ‘Glory’, and some of the rich “chocolate” language of David Mitchell’s ‘Cloud Atlas’. Using mixed tense and the use of paradoxes in physics as a device will transform the reader into observer and transcend their 4 dimensional view of the world.

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