If you love something – set it free

I have decided to set “Contact Ascension” free.

I’ve released the first 7 chapters of Part 1 and the rest will follow. The world can now read it for free, and at some point in time I will probably put it out as a pdf or even an ebook. Contact Ascension’s editing is limited to what my wife and I have been able to inject, but I’m assured its a good read. Being online I can now respond to any feedback and continue the ‘gardening’ process.

So what can I say about the book without giving too much away?

After reading Carl Sagan’s “Contact” I felt it left many questions unanswered. OK, this is the hallmark of a good book. The movie then contemporarised the narrative and departed from the book in two main ways: through only allowing Ellie to experience contact, rather than multiple people; and through the analysis of PI which finally provided Ellie with evidence for the contact event.

Rather than using PI the movie finished with simply 18 hours of noise. This was a masterstroke waiting for expansion that seemed never to arrive. I felt “Contact Ascension” was a story that needed to be told. Dwelling upon this led to the natural progression for Contact and its ascending from the passion that Sagan held for the Cosmos to the fabric that holds it together.

A story can sometimes explain the principles of Quantum mechanics better than the theory. Watch “Sliding Doors” or “Groundhog Day” for two examples of quantum wave collapse. These movies have set the scene for people to grapple with these heady concepts. The raison d’etre for Contact Ascension is to call it for what it is.

Quantum Mechanics holds the deepest mystery humanity has yet to unfold. From the Uncertainty Principal to the Many Worlds Interpretation and the paradoxes like Dark Matter and the Double Slit experiment. These studies are beginning to tease open the veil that separates the behavior of the universe and our role as the observer.

Wave collapse and quantum mechanical measurements insinuate a deep connection with our consciousness, despite our being inextricably organic. So what may be in store from other fields of study that might unexpectedly bridge the gap from a classical world to a quantum mind? Quantum computers may play a role, as may mind control of prosthetic devices and the BRAIN initiative announced by President Obama.

Back to the novel.

Eleanor Arroway must finish her journey. Contact Ascension sets her free, and if there are like minded people who want to see her ‘free’ then setting this book free will free her in other minds.

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