Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I’m Dion; let’s get through the formalities before anything. The main reason I’ve begun blogging is to keep my friends and family up to date on my American scholarship experience, but also to keep as an artifact.

10 months without family, in an unknown country, with a new culture to adapt to. Sounds like an adventure!

I’m still yet to find out where I’m heading (and at which school I’ll start my temporary life) but I should find out some time in May this year. Then in August I’ll be leaving for the Australian orientation where I’ll meet the other 5 of the 7 Australian scholars, then finally to the international orientation in Boston. Coincidentally Cobie, another scholar from my school, was also accepted.

The Application

To get to this point I had to go through a selection process. The first stage of selection was the application; based on three criteria: Academic achievement and community involvement, while sporting also affecting your chances. Slotting into these well because of surf life saving and effort I’ve put into my schooling over the past years.

Spending time here and there after school to plan and draft my application essay during exam week and using my spare time to study the weeks leading up to it left me one week to dedicate to writing, reviewing, rewriting, editing, reviewing again, start another idea while I let it sit on my mind, and finalise the 1200 word tender selling myself. After getting through the first application process, I then had an interview with the Australian representative Alan Hutchison and and John Eidam mid November lasting 40 minutes. During the interview, which I was understandably nervous for, they asked questions about my application and many general ones to find what type of person I am. While still knowing there was only a small chance I’d be selected, it was cemented in my mind that I’d be living in America that time next year.

Somewhere close to Christmas I received the email I’d checked everyday for saying I’d been accepted into the program. Over the moon I hugged my parents and reassured my mum that I wouldn’t refuse to come back to stay with the American girl of my dreams.

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