Ideas for a Sales “Game Changer”

The pendulum always swings. The marketplace creates chaotic attractors; whether it is through constant tension between consumer and vendor, between commodity and complexity, centralisation or decentralisation or just plain human indecision. “Mastering The Complex Sale” is not a book for anyone supplying an item as a commodity, it talks of the chasm between the value […]

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The “Dark” Side

Even with the best intentions the conclusion is inevitable. It came from two of my core beliefs… they ambushed me: Strive to challenge your assumptions To shine a light in the dark, you must first find the dark My father may have seen it in me. The seed doesn’t fall far from the tree and I was […]

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Don’t demonise RCD’s

When we moved to WA we were told quite early about regulations regarding RCD’s (or Residual Current Device’s). While this seemed an imposition we found that both the house we rented and the one we purchased had been fitted.  (a striking difference to the regulations we were familiar with over east. I should state upfront that I am not […]

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One Year Later

One year later, and the “honeymoon” feeling is not yet gone. The sheer magnitude of picking up lock stock and barrel is poignantly reminded to us when we get to Kings Park in Perth and encounter Gija Jumulu, the Boab tree that was moved 3200km  from the Kimberley. Our journey was only 2738km and only […]

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Clouding the Market

As more and more applications are provided as a “software as a service” and Web 2.0 starts to yield its riches one must wonder whether there is a possibility of overshoot. Is there a chance that increasing the cloud may simply leave us fogbound.

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Zen and the art of Hang Gliding

The art of hang gliding stems from a deep mysticism, with its origins in mythology (The Garuda, Hermes, Apollo, Icarus and Daedalus) through to James Barrie’s Peter Pan. The craft is, of course, taught by the Masters of the art. Their teachings are held in reverence, it’s as if these teachers have attained spiritual enlightenment. […]

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