“Contact Ascension” – Teaser

This is the teaser for my story “Contact Ascension” the unauthorised sequel to Contact by Carl Sagan and a labour of love.
After reading this you have the choice to launch into the book or read the spoiler. Your choice. Feedback welcome

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Clash of Memes

Greeds converge to steal the prize In the quiet thaw of the post cold war there is a meritocracy slowly yielding to the open slather of enterprise; money is power. It meets a rogue splinter of unfettered neo-feudalism; knowledge is power. In Chapter 20 of “Contact Ascension” these two powers converge upon a prize that could […]

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Contact’s Rationale

Why did it end like it did? Open ended books and movies have a certain enigmatic appeal. A narrative that leaves you pondering, and trying to reconcile a koan into something sensible is “bran for the brain”. The open end leaves a hunger, a festering hole that demands satisfaction. The best of solutions have repercussions that […]

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Writing a Book (midwifry)

After Gestation… This would be a short blog but for the fact my first novel “Contact Ascension” suffers from the publishing equivalent of “placenta previa” 1. In short “Contact Ascension” is a sequel that is subject to copyright. ( you can read about what possessed me here) To rescue my brainchild am seeking some way […]

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Contact Ascension

A novel by Greg Stroot (start reading here) Description Contact Ascension is a science fiction homage to the Carl Sagan bestseller that takes up where it left off.  Aimed at mature thinking readers the story now evolves into an adventure that takes the reader from the pinnacles of science to the raw Australian outback. Contact […]

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