Everything begins with an idea.
In the infinite quantum froth of possibility an idea found realisation
From the ideas’ realisation came consequence
Time recorded the event and created the inevitable
Still the froth bubbled forth possibilities and created the multiverse
The child, the parent and the sibling universe; inextricably enmeshed;
Related; twinned; coincident; differing imperceptibly by…
The pace of time
The nature of force
Of matter
Of being
Its own inevitability.
Some are impossible, a fleeting existence before it collapses into implausibility.
Others shine almost impossibly bright, or dimly like a candle.
Some universes are like oil and water, a gulf of impossibility dividing them,
Others gossamer close, with zephyrs of consequence exerting ghostly influence.
In some, life crests the wave of possibility, in many it then fades.
In some of these crests the idea finds embodiment in consciousness…
Realisation, consequence, time and then purpose.
Tools explore purpose, and reveal enlightenment, and more tools.
The dance between tools and enlightenment invokes the inevitable:
The tools reveal the universe, and then the multiverse
Consciousness explores consciousness, and finds a new tool, a new universe
So it was that consciousness spawns a new universe, in a new multiverse
In the new universe was found a new consciousness.
In the new multiverse was revealed the purpose:
Unity of consciousness.

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